Flights to Lagos from London

Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. It is called as the megacity of the country with commercial nerve and a number of tourist attractions. Being the financial hub of the state, it is also the land of opportunities. People not just from Nigeria but all around the African continent visit the place in search of their dreams. As a tourist, people witness sights, sounds, activities, and a lot more than what they had expected. From the amusing art centers to the astonishing museums, bustling streets to the parks and theaters, Lagos never fails to enthrall its visitors. The best of all is the fascinating beaches surmounted with natural beauty and energetic nightlife. The flight distance between London to Lagos is around 5000 kilometers. It takes approximately 6 hours 25 minutes to reach the destination in a nonstop direct flight. World Tour Store offers discounts and amazing deals to help you get cheap flight tickets and travel solutions. We assist in customizing your journey so that you can make most out of your voyage.

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