Flights to Accra from London

Accra offers typical Ghanaian experience to travelers all around the world. Popular for its flamboyant nightlife and delectable food, the capital city of the country unravels the mysteries of nature. The bustling markets brimming with myriad attractions and the high energetic lifestyle of people will bring you little close to their ethnicity. Accra is famous for encompassing some of the great museums and mausoleums that unfurl the life of people that struggled for their independence. It’s a treat to sojourn in the contrasting life of Accra and witness some astonishing sightseeing spots. The amalgamation of cultural, natural and modern appeal of the city is enough to bring the enthrallment. While the flea markets will allure you to get some artifacts, the tempting aroma of Ghanaian food will lure to satisfy the taste buds. World Tour Store offers lucrative deals and cheap international flights to Accra. The flight distance between London to Accra is around 5100 km. It takes approximately 6 hours 35 minutes to reach the destination in a nonstop flight. There are direct and connecting flights to Accra from London which you can book from World Tour Store at the best price.

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