Top 5 Female Travel Bloggers in the UK Inspiring Millions of US

Women are not far behind anymore when it comes to travelling and exploring your inner self. And on this Woman’s Day, we bring before you five such super-inspiring women who have aced the travel-blogging industry and are paving new roads with each passing year.

Here is a more refined look:

1] Bonnie Rakhit: From editing a fashion column to running a top-notch blog, Bonnie is a widely followed blogger who has travelled, seen it all and written it all. Her writing career spans over a decade and has taken her through big names like The Sunday Times, Grazia and even Elle Magazine (firms where she has worked earlier), and perhaps it was just a tip of the iceberg. Eventually, she made it big with her own blog The Style Traveller.

2] Nyssa: One of the biggest travel freaks, this woman has stepped on the soil of more than fifty nations with the likes of India, Iceland, USA and Germany heading her elite list. She has been blogging at The Cultureur since the past seven years (and counting). Her blog is a delicious potpourri of interesting articles, impressive recommendations and reviews, and loads of tips and anecdotes from her own experiences. In terms of luxury dining too, she has aced it and offers great insights. Her studies and work have taken her to so many places that as a woman, Nyssa really makes us proud.

3] Amy West: Amy West is another leading female blogger from UK and has played an instrumental role as a columnist and media personnel. She has written voraciously about high-end travelling and penned scores of articles on fashion and food. That aside, she has also helped create the TV program Like Love Want Need. You may follow her on

4] Angie Silver: A big foodie and an even bigger traveller, Angie is counted amongst the most read travel bloggers in UK especially when it comes to luxury-class travelling. Her personal trips have taken her in almost every nook of the planet with countries like Australia, South Africa and USA to boost her CV. She is keenly informed about cuisines of various kinds and her blog SilverSpoonLondon is a great amalgamation of food and travel articles for people of all ages and countries. 

 5] Jess Gibson: An award-winning blogger, Jess Gibson has been blogging at TheTravelista since 2013. In the past few years, she has gone big and now offers both professional and personal expertise. Her travel experience implies that the tips she has to offer are very seriously taken by the holiday-lovers. She is not merely an inspiring woman but is also one who inspires others to take their travelling seriously. She has dared to do the seemingly impossible and asks us to do the same. 


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