Santorini- 10 Things to do when in this Greece Paradise

Santorini is one of the best places one can go to for a honeymoon. It is the most romantic place if we take into account its island-esque isolation and that faraway feel. Enveloped by a turquoise blue sea and donned by a volcano, the island is a charmer- something you only read about in fantasy tales. The charm and serenity of the place are well complemented by exotic hotels, restaurants and wineries, making it an exceptional family and friends’ getaway too.

To write and read a list of interesting things to do in Santorini is akin to experiencing these (after all, the exoticness of the place simply makes it float before your eyes like a dream all the time). Nevertheless, here is the list without further delay:

1. Experience the uniqueness of Caldera

We will advise you to spend at least a day or two at Caldera, the place exclusively boasting the exoticness of volcanic eruptions. Observing the cliffs over the endless blue streak and exploring the hamlets of Caldera is a lifetime experience. You can also spend some leisure time with your partner by juts sitting on the rocks and gaping at the sea. Take something to drink and eat and let the serenity of the place grasps inside you. 

2. Witness the sunset from Oia

Witnessing the sunset from the village of Oia is considered to be one of the best in the world. It could become one of the most romantic things to do in Santorini. The sun setting down slowly while the vast sky tinted in gold and the sea in all its glory will give the highest form bliss. It will fill your heart with warmth and love, and the moment will tug in your heart forever. 

3. Get lazy on Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Santorini, is a hub of tourists. Lazying around in the ash-grey sand and getting soaked in the sun is something that will make your visit to the beach worthwhile. Later, you can enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water by taking a hand-in-hand slow walk with your loved one around the coast. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and hotels to relax and unwind. 

4. Visit the castle at Akrotiri

People who are keen to observe the cultural richness and heritage and are enthusiastic about the archeological magnificence must pay a visit to the castle at Akrotiri. An abode of beautiful Venetian castle, this is a wonderful touristy spot which can take you to another time zone. Visiting this historical splendor is one of the best things to do in Santorini for families

5. Snorkel at Red Beach

The reddish tinge at the Red Beach is enough to baffle the visitors with the ways nature plays with colors. Other than its beauty, it also gives you options to indulge in activities like diving and snorkeling. 

6. Get lessons in making wine 

Santorini abodes many wineries that showcase the likeliness of the people towards fine wine. It gives a chance to the drink lovers to enjoy some of the perfect wine on the island. Moreover, you can also get schooled in wine-making by visiting the wineries and get some other kind of experience. 

7. Munch the seafood

One of the best things to do in Santorini lonely planet is trying seafood, especially the octopus. Food addicts and those who love seafood can get a different kind of gastronomic experience at Santorini. From delicious marine food that offers diverse and rare sea creatures to the nutritious vegetarian dishes, there is something for everyone at the island. You can also get a taste of local cuisine and satisfy your taste buds. 

8. Dive in the volcanic springs

If you miss the fact, Santorini, apart from its majestic island also boasts an active volcano. You can take a boat ride to have a closer sight of the volcano and get some astonishing views. However, if you think that just clicking the pictures will sum up the trip, you are wrong. You can actually swim and dive in the hot springs of the volcano and gather a lifetime experience. 

9. Hike between Oia and Fira

The trail between Oia and Fira is one of the best for hiking enthusiasts. Highly picturesque and nestling some of the most beautiful spots it will give an incredible experience to those who love trekking and hiking. Take some eatables and drinks and enjoy the trail with your loved one. 

10. Have some fun at Enigma

Drinking and dancing at Enigma, one of the most popular clubs at Santorini will refresh you entirely. After getting close to nature through the sea, beaches and hikes, indulge in an enigmatic life at the island. Hot and happening, the entry to Enigma is free and will offer you drink and dine. 

Other than these, you can also watch a film at Kamari’s Open Air Cinema and enjoy a great movie session under the blue sky. Moreover, there are facilities like providing an aerial tour to the tourists through a helicopter. You can take a view of the entire island from above. Santorini is more than a paradise on earth for the honeymooners. With ample things to do and enjoy, the memories of this island will echo in your hearts forever. 


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