Top 5 Reasons why Kenya Is New, Hottest Destination for UK Travellers

Lately, demand for cheap flights to Kenya is on surge in the UK – and it’s not without a reason!

 From witnessing the Arabic architecture of Mombasa to encountering the ‘Big Five’ (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and white/black rhinos) in the wildlife sanctuaries, Kenya is becoming one of the new and hottest destinations for British tourists.

A holiday to Kenya brings exhilaration and excitement for wildlife enthusiasts. However, the place is not just for them. It has a lot more than just forests and animals. The wonderful mélange of deeply rooted African culture with modern life is worth a watch. With this concoction of new and the old along with some breathtaking sightseeing spots, the country welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Unsurprisingly, cheap flights to Kenya from London sell like hot cakes!

World Tour Store, a well know travel agency in London, share these top reasons which make Kenya your next holiday destination. 

The Masai Mara National Reserve

Nestling on Western Kenya, visiting the Masai Mara National Reserve is like a dream come true for every wildlife enthusiast. The worth of the place can be known with the fact that people from Discovery and Animal Planet make most of their documentaries here. Mara River that runs through the rift valley gives abundant chances to people to spot the wildlife. 

You never know, if the luck favors, you could even spot the dramatic migration of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelles that could run anytime between July and October. If you take flights to Kenya for wildlife holiday purpose, it will engrave in mind forever.


Adventure in the Mountains 

The sheer beauty of the Kenyan landscapes lies in its sprawling mountains and the steep valleys. For every mountaineer, it is one of the most adventurous places to take a daring hike to the ups and downs of hills. En-route, witnessing the unparalleled beauty with breathtaking views will fill the heart with immense pleasure. 

Knowing the fondness of people towards hiking, there are several economical and luxurious inns, hotels, and lodges to stay. Apart from Kenya holidays safari, you can also find some amazing deals on Kenya honeymoon holidays and observe the beauty of sunrise and sunset from there. Mt. Kenya is meant to be explored by the adventure freaks for a fulfilling experience. Later, indulging in hot air balloon ride will satisfy your adventure and sporty bug even more. Isn’t it?

Shopping at Kenya

You cannot miss the chance to visit the local markets in Kenya if you love handicrafts. Boasting their hand made products and exhibiting unique and unmatched handcrafts you will find multiple men and women welcoming you to their shops. The local craftsmanship gives a sneak peek into their impeccable and deeply rooted culture and traditions as well. 

If possible, look out for Kitengela Glass. The locals make it utilizing the middle of the bush and products from ocean sole. Kenyan people also make some amazing beaded shoes and beaded belts that can be easily found and are pretty popular all over the country. Get some souvenir and pick something which fascinates you from the local flea market. No wonder when you look back to them after a few years, it will bring nostalgia. 

Exploring Nairobi and Mombasa

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya abodes some of the amazing places like Nairobi National Park and Karen Blixen Museum. They are some of the must-visit places if you have stepped in this land. Later, hopping to the Westland for shopping and visiting the traditional joints like Bomas of Kenya, this country will fulfill your traveler heart with pleasure. The best thing is you can find multiple flights to Nairobi from London with alluring and cost-efficient packages. 

After Nairobi, visit the old town Mombasa, which is known for its Arabic architecture and colorful history. While visiting Fort of Port Jesus will showcase the struggle between Portuguese and Arab settlers, the narrow winding streets will be the storyteller of the ancient time. 

Chill out by the Indian Ocean

Kenya family beach holidays are something worth to ponder. The East Coast of the country shares pristine beaches where you can unwind and relax. The clear water and a healthy marine life give a perfect gateway to the families and honeymooners. The entire coastline has some of the luxurious resorts to stay.  

You can also indulge in water sports like diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing and later chill out and relax by the seaside. From unspoiled shores to spas, restaurants, and water sports galore, there are multiple activities to enjoy. The vibrant nightlife will bring the zeal yet all over again. 

So, find out some amazing Kenya safari and beach packages and dive in the pool of unfathomable, adventurous, and breathtaking experience. 

Getting spiritual 

The presence of some amazing spiritual and divine spots gives another reason to visit this land. The holidays get versatile when you get the chance to visit places like sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests. The structural grandeurs of such places are enough to mesmerize anyone. 

The architectural magnificence can be known with the fact that this county abodes centuries old mosques. Near the coast of Kenya lay the town of Gedi which abodes ancient architectural ruins. Swahili town has a cluster of mosques, splendid palace, and houses. Today these spots are maintained by the National Museums of Kenya.


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