6 Destinations for an Enigmatic Easter Holiday 2020

Easter 2020 that falls in March-April season is a great time to get your feet moving. And for more reason than one! First, it’s an exciting family time to get together and create some ruckus with cousins, friends and your in-laws. Secondly, the season is also ripe for good discounts in flights and hotels, and one can always expect the spring time to keep the weather deities happy.

Here we take a quick look at some of the more notable places you can holiday in, this Easter:

1] Goa: Goa usually has its last hurrah of the season during this time before the tourist season slows down during the summer. Though a state worth visiting round the year, this is an excellent time to check out its multifarious beaches and casinos if you are a budget traveller. March-April is really a time when you get to stay in hotels and even resorts at almost throwaway prices.

Places worth the buzz: Palolem Beach in South Goa, Tito’s nightclub in Baga (north Goa) and Chapora Fort (mounted on the deliciously beautiful Vagator Beach)

2] Amsterdam: Amsterdam in Netherlands is another destination where the egg-finders flock to during the Easter holidays. The fiery city is known for its tranquillity despite the crowd. The city is replete with museums and art galleries, and is an excellent specimen of a destination for the art lover in you.

Buzz-worthy places: Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Dam Square

3] London: London makes itself count when it comes to the holiday season. The city is vivacious and lively, like always and is a very welcoming city for people from all over the world. The culture is rather cosmopolitan, the language is chaste English (which suits most people) and there is a lot of sightseeing one can do.

Buzz-worthy places: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, London Eye and The British Museum

4] Las Vegas: Las Vegas is the ultimate place for the party-raving crowd. Full of glitz, glamour, clubs and casinos you can’t get it wilder than Vegas. Dozens of adages centred around the Bohemian man (and woman) have come into existence for Vegas. Sample this- ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Buzz-worthy places: The Strip Club, Fountains of Bellagio and Red Rock Canyon National Park

5] Sydney: Someone who went to Australia recently said in an airy tone- Only Bondi Beach can replace Bondi Beach. The vibes around this beach is such that it has featured in many a romantic novel by popular writers. Sydney loves partying and the people are always in a mood to celebrate life. Australia’s happening city is a paradise for the usual hitchhiker and has no dearth of restaurants, harbours, wildlife corners and museums and art centres.

Buzz-worthy places: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach

6] Paris: The good, old Paris is always the go-to destination for any tourist especially the romantic couple. Eiffel Tower is the ultimate icon for any visitor to Europe and the livewire ambience does more good to your spirits than you can even think of. The French capital has loads of museums and cathedrals, and it is no short on good food and supermarkets.

Buzz-worthy places: Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Cathedral Notre Dam de Paris.


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