6 Tips on How to Stay Safe in Current Corona-virus Crisis

Corona virus has taken over the world, and the crisis is growing day by day. Even the best-ranked scientists are baffled by the situation, which seems to have just spiralled out of control without a forewarning. Corona virus, as most of you must be familiar by now, is believed to have originated from China and has travelled to UK and almost all other parts of Europe besides plaguing all other continents barring Antarctica.

Now that the crisis is here to stay (at least for the next few days), immediate preventive and precautionary actions need to be taken so that you remain safe. No human is immune to the threat of corona (not even those who have already contracted the virus and have recovered thereon).

So, here are a few tips and guidelines that will help you wage this battle against Mr. C:

1] Social distancing: The first and the foremost thing to do is to distance yourself from society. Talk to your best friend on phone or through chatting applications but refrain from physical (face-to-face) interaction. The less you meet people the better it is, even if you think that neither you nor your friend carries the dreaded virus.

2] Not touching metals: Avoid touching metals. Period! If you are outdoors, make a conscious effort to avoid touching any metallic door handle, railing or even the metallic part of a car or vehicle especially if it is a public vehicle. Corona virus is a heavy-weight virus and is unlikely to float in air. If you catch it, it is more likely that it ran up your nose from your hand. And its survival rate on cold metals is better than on other surfaces.

3] Sanitise again and again: Wash your hands repeatedly with an alcoholic solution or a sanitising agent. Imagine a situation where you contracted the virus after you touched an object that was infected. Now, you still stand a chance if you wash the virus off your hand before it gets inhaled in. 

4] Avoid physical contact and crowding up: It is pertinent at this point to avoid any kind of physical contact. Resist the temptation of giving your son that hug you always give him. Do not plant that goodnight kiss to your loved one (at least for the next few days) and avoid greeting anybody with a handshake or an embrace. 

5] Stay indoors: Stay indoors and watch television or read a book. If you don’t read or don’t watch TV, use the net or talk to family. Write a blog or a story or make calls to people you haven’t called in a while. There is always something to do even when you are confined to your house. Minimise doing grocery and make sure that only one person goes out to buy the essentials in bulk (so as to reduce the frequency of such trips).

6] Spread the message: Share this article or verbally spread the message to those over whom you have some influential power. You may have at least one friend or cousin who wants to go out. You must exercise your powers to convince the person to stay indoors and to curb his/her urge.

Remember the motto:

Stay alone, stay safe! 


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